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Prees Heath Common Reserve

Prees Heath Common Reserve


Latest Sightings

Silver-studded Blue caterpillars

These two photos were taken by Nigel Ball on 26th April. They show Silver-studded Blue caterpillars attended by Black Ants. We think they are the third instar. The caterpillars will moult one more time to become a fourth instar, after which it will pupate. 

26th April 2021 5 Silver-studded blue caterpillars attended by ants, all on one ants' nest, eating heather and gorse. Probably 3rd instar. 

24th April 2021 - Robin, Yellowhammer, Wren and Rabbit.

22nd April 2021: Grey Heron,  Stonechat, Skylark,  Kestrel,  Swallow,  Rabbits, Green Tiger Beetle and Common Heath moth.

19th April 2021  - Willow Warbler singing well near the reserve gates.

19th April 2021 - Wheatear on control tower field, probably on passage north.

25th October 2020 Small Copper butterfly seen by Sharon Garforth.